Liliac Band Net Worth | Liliac Band Bio, Members Ages, Religion and All

The music industry has always been a realm where talent meets opportunity, and the rise of independent bands has brought forth new stars who captivate audiences with their unique sound and raw passion.

One such band that has been making waves in the rock scene is Liliac. Hailing from Los Angeles, this family band of five siblings has gained a loyal following for its electrifying performances and dynamic blend of classic rock with a modern twist.

As fans clamor for more insight into the lives of these rising stars, one burning question remains: what is the Liliac Band net worth? Let’s explore the financial success behind this talented group and uncover how they’ve turned their musical dreams into a lucrative reality.

Liliac Band Bio

Liliac Band is a powerhouse of talent, blending sibling harmony with incredible musical skill.

With Melody leading the charge as the charismatic frontwoman and bassist, Samuel’s electrifying guitar riffs add depth and intensity to their sound. Abigail’s drumming prowess drives the rhythm forward, while Ethan’s precision on the rhythm guitar complements Justin’s youthful energy and enthusiasm. 

Together, this band creates a dynamic fusion of raw and polished rock, with each member bringing their unique strengths to the table. The Cristea siblings’ chemistry is undeniable on stage, as they effortlessly connect and their audience, creating an unforgettable experience for all who witness them in action. 

Liliac Band not only showcases exceptional talent but also exemplifies what true passion for music looks like – a harmonious blend of family bonds and creative expression that captivates fans worldwide.

Liliac Band Members5 Members, They all are siblings
Liliac Band ReligionAll are Christians (Not confirmed though)
Liliac Band’s Member’s FatherFlorin Cristea
Liliac Band Net Worth156,000 dollars
(Liliac Band Net Worth changes monthly)

Liliac Band Net Worth

This rising talent, Liliac, has been making waves in the music industry with its American YouTube channel. With a net worth of around $156,000 as of March 2023, this family band has seen significant growth since starting a decade ago.

Boasting an impressive collection of 280 videos on their channel, Liliac continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of rock and metal music.

Liliac Band Worth

What sets Liliac apart is not just their music but also their savvy approach to social media monetization. With Social Media Sites being their main income source, they have successfully tapped into the digital landscape to expand their reach and profitability. 

It’s fascinating to see how this band has leveraged platforms like YouTube to not only showcase their talent but also build a sustainable business model that sees fluctuations in net worth every month.

As we witness the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, Liliac stands as a testament to the power of online platforms in propelling emerging artists to success.

Members of the Liliac Band | Liliac Band Members Ages

Samuel Cristea, the lead guitarist with a soul-stirring presence, infuses LILIAC’s sound with his intricate melodies and captivating vocals. Despite his young age of 25 in 2024, his journey began as a multifaceted artist at just 11 years old.

Making waves as an Artist-Singer Model and Actor early on, Samuel’s evolution within the band showcases a remarkable progression of talent and passion. Abigail Cristea brings thunderous energy to the stage as she commands the drums with finesse.

liliac band members

Joining LILIAC at the age of 18, this dynamic musician now at 24 years old in 2023 has solidified her place as an integral part of the band’s powerful rhythm section. Embodying strength and precision in her performance, Abigail’s contribution adds depth and intensity to each electrifying track that resonates through every listener’s core.

Melody Cristea reigns supreme as both leading vocalist and instrumental virtuoso within LILIAC. At only 23 years old in 2024 despite her youthful appearance, Melody’s entrance into the band at just 17 marked an era of sonic excellence and artistic brilliance.

Seamlessly blending vocals, basslines, and flute melodies into emotive masterpieces, Melody captivates audiences worldwide with her unmatched musical prowess alongside her siblings.

History of Liliac Band

Their father Florin Cristea influence on the Liliac Band goes beyond just being their manager; he laid the foundation for their musical journey and guided them towards success. Moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta was a strategic move during the COVID pandemic, proving their adaptability in challenging times.

when was the liliac band formed

The band’s name, meaning vampire bat in Romanian, reflects their roots and adds an intriguing layer to their identity as musicians. With an impressive track record of performances at Santa Monica Pier and appearances on shows like America’s Got Talent, Liliac has captured audiences worldwide with its dynamic sound and electrifying stage presence.

Their album Queen of Hearts, We Are The Children reaching No. 1 on Amazon’s Rock Charts showcases their growing popularity and solidifies their position as rising stars in the music industry.

By constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new sounds, Liliac continues to captivate fans old and new alike with each release, setting them apart as a band to watch for years to come.

Liliac Band Tour

As the Liliac Band embarks on their highly anticipated tour, fans are buzzing with excitement to witness their electrifying performances live. With a unique blend of rock and classical influences, Liliac delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that captivates audiences of all ages.

Liliac Band Tour

From their powerful vocals to their masterful instrumentals, each member brings a dynamic energy that is sure to leave concert-goers in awe. The Liliac Band tour promises not only incredible music but also a visually stunning show with elaborate stage production and captivating visuals.

Fans can expect an immersive experience that transports them into the world of Liliac, filled with passion, energy, and raw talent. As the band continues to gain momentum and recognition in the music industry, this tour serves as a testament to their dedication and commitment to delivering unforgettable performances night after night.

Liliac Band Religion

While the Liliac Band may have refrained from explicitly defining their religious affiliations, their subtle use of religious imagery and themes in their music invites listeners to explore deeper meanings. Melody Cristea’s acknowledgment of her belief in God adds another layer of complexity to the band’s enigmatic stance on religion.

Liliac Band Religion

By choosing not to categorize themselves as Christian metal, Liliac maintains a sense of universality in their music, allowing fans to draw personal connections and interpretations.

The incorporation of religious symbols in the Queen of Hearts music video hints at a broader narrative that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

This intentional ambiguity fosters a sense of inclusivity within the band’s fanbase, allowing individuals from various backgrounds to appreciate and connect with their music on a spiritual level.

Liliac’s approach to addressing faith through art underscores the power of creativity as a tool for sparking introspection and dialogue among listeners regardless of their religious beliefs.

Liliac Band Songs

In the cacophony of contemporary music, Liliac Band’s renditions of classic hits like Rainbow in the Dark and Crazy Train stand out like jewels in a sea of mediocrity. Their ability to breathe new life into these iconic songs while staying true to their rock roots is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Liliac Band Songs

The raw energy and powerhouse vocals they bring to tracks like I Hate Myself for Loving You are a testament to their undeniable talent and boundless passion for music.

Fast forward to 2021, Liliac Band continues to captivate audiences with their original compositions such as Chain of Thorns, showcasing a maturity and depth in their songwriting that belies their youth.

Their 2016 cover of Queen’s Somebody To Love remains a standout moment, highlighting their versatility and ability to reimagine diverse musical genres with finesse.

As they gear up for more electrifying performances in 2020 with hits like Crazy Nights, it’s evident that Liliac Band is carving its path in the realm of rock music with unparalleled gusto and flair.

Lil Man J and Liliac Band Net Worth

Lil Man J’s net worth of $2 million is a testament to his multifaceted success in the music industry and his keen business sense in securing lucrative endorsement deals. This young artist has quickly risen to prominence, leveraging his talent and charisma to amass a significant fortune. His ability to navigate both the creative and business aspects of the music world sets him apart as a true entrepreneurial force.

Liliac, an American band with a popular YouTube channel, has also seen considerable financial success with a net worth of around $156,000. This talented group has been steadily building its brand for the past decade through consistent content creation and engaging performances.

With 280 uploaded videos and a dedicated fan base, Liliac continues to grow its net worth every month as it solidifies their position in the music industry.


Liliac band net worth is a testament to their hard work, talent, and dedication to their craft. Despite facing challenges in the music industry, they have managed to build a successful career and accumulate a substantial net worth.

Through their innovative approach to blending classical music with rock and metal influences, Liliac has captured the hearts of fans worldwide and continues to grow their fanbase. As they continue on their musical journey, it will be exciting to see how their net worth evolves and how they continue to make an impact in the music industry. Keep an eye on Liliac Band as they reach new heights in their career!


Where is the Band Liliac From?

Originating from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles in 2015, Liliac has rapidly risen as a prominent force in the heavy metal genre. The band’s relocation to Atlanta reflects their ongoing evolution and expansion, tapping into new audiences and opportunities.

Who is Liliac Band?

LILIAC Band is not just a musical group; they are a tight-knit family unit with an undeniable passion for rock music. The dynamic between the Cristea siblings brings a unique energy to their performances, with each member contributing their talents to create a harmonious blend of sound.

Who are the Members of the Band Liliac?

The Cristea siblings – Samuel, Abigail, Melody, Ethan, and Justin – make up the powerhouse known as Liliac. Their collective energy and passion for music is palpable in every performance they deliver. 

What Religion is Liliac?

Liliac is a unique community where the lines between religion and daily life blur seamlessly. Despite the diverse backgrounds of its residents, they all identify as Christians, creating a sense of unity and shared beliefs that transcend cultural differences.

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