Company – Yumble Net Worth, Profile & Career | Yumble Shark Tank Update

Are you curious about the latest updates on Yumble net worth and journey since appearing on Shark Tank? The company, known for its innovative approach to children’s meal delivery, has been making waves in the food industry. In this article, we’ll delve into this net worth, explore its profile and career trajectory, and provide an exclusive update on how the appearance of Shark Tank has impacted its success.

Company – Yumble Profile

This delivers healthy, tasty meals for kids and families. They use high-quality, organic ingredients, making them a top choice for parents who want nutritious meals with minimal effort. This success is because they adapt to customers’ wants and offer convenient solutions for busy families. 

With more customers and new menu options, this is set to keep doing well in the meal delivery market. Yumble net worth is expected to keep going up as it keeps changing and meeting the needs of modern families.

Company – Yumble’s Net Worth

With an innovative approach to providing healthy and convenient meals for families, it has become a household name. Its net worth continues to climb as it expands its reach and garners the trust of customers seeking nutritious options for their children.

Yumble Net Worth

This net worth today stands at an impressive figure, reflecting its rapid growth and success in the competitive market of meal delivery services. With the growing demand for convenient and healthy meal options among busy families, it has carved a niche for itself by offering pre-prepared meals specifically designed for kids.

The company stands out from competitors by using good ingredients and offering many menu choices. This has helped the company become very valuable. It is expected to become even more valuable in the future because it keeps focusing on making customers happy and being convenient. Investors see this and think they can make a lot of money as he becomes even more successful in the market.

Company – Yumble Career

Embarking on a career journey with Company this unlocks a realm of originality and imagination. With a dedication to nurturing career advancement, employees are empowered to pursue their interests and make meaningful contributions to the company’s goals. The vibrant work environment promotes teamwork and open communication, ensuring that each person’s perspective is respected. 

One of the most inspiring aspects of joining it is the chance for ongoing growth and learning. Through mentorship initiatives and skill-building workshops, employees receive support in refining their abilities and expanding their expertise. This fosters an atmosphere where individuals can flourish both personally and professionally, feeling driven to exceed their perceived limits.

Company – Yumble Net Worth and Bio-Data

Company – Yumble FoundersJoanna Parker & David Parker
Starting of Company – Yumble2016
Years Company – Yumble Completed7 years as of 2023
Company – Yumble’s Net Worth$8 million

Company – Yumble Social Media Sites

The company’s social media platforms go beyond mere promotional tools and brand showcases; they function as a vibrant space for interacting and building connections with their audience. 

yumble net worth 2022

Through their strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they encourage authentic engagement by offering insights into their creative processes, sharing customer success stories, and providing valuable cooking tips. By sparking meaningful discussions and actively engaging with comments, it has effectively cultivated a community atmosphere among these followers.

Yumble Shark Tank Net Worth

A popular meal delivery service for children received a significant boost from its appearance on Shark Tank. Bethenny Frankel, a prominent investor, invested $500,000 in the company in exchange for a 6% ownership stake, valuing it at $8.33 million. This investment not only provided much-needed capital for expansion but also garnered valuable attention and trust for the brand. 

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, it experienced rapid growth and expansion, increasing its overall value. The exposure from the show helped solidify his reputation as a leading choice for delivering meals to children. With increased funding and visibility, this continues to lead the way in providing convenient and healthy meal options for families.

Company Yumble Shark Tank Update

This Company’s recent progress on Shark Tank has sparked excitement among both supporters and investors. Following their presentation of a unique meal delivery service for children, this team has achieved notable accomplishments. 

yumble net worth shark tank

Yumble before and after Shark Tank

Before Yumble Shark Tank:

  • Joanna Parker and her husband, Jason, established this in 2015.
  • The company aims to offer nutritious and kid-friendly meals that are convenient for busy parents.
  • These meals consist of fresh, whole ingredients and are devoid of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
  • The company provides frozen meals that can be easily thawed and reheated by parents.
  • this focus is on catering to the demographic of parents with children between the ages of 2 and 10.

After Yumble Shark Tank:

  • This made its debut on Shark Tank during the twelfth episode of season 8.
  • The company agreed with Bethenny Frankel, offering her $100,000 in return for 20% equity.
  • In 2017, this secured $12.5 million in venture capital funding.
  • The company’s yearly earnings have increased to $8 million.
  • The company has recently unveiled a new website and mobile application.

Interesting Facts about the Company Yumble

This stands out due to its commitment to offering enjoyable, healthful meals for kids. Founded by Joanna Parker, a mother seeking to assist busy parents in providing nutritious meals for their children, the company prioritizes both fun and nutrition.

yumble net worth today
  • One interesting fact about this is that they use only fresh, organic ingredients in their meals, without any artificial colors or flavors. 
  • This commitment to quality sets them apart from other meal delivery services and gives parents peace of mind knowing that they are feeding their children wholesome food. 
  • This offers a wide variety of menu options including vegetarian and allergy-friendly meals, catering to the diverse dietary needs of families. 
  • This revolutionizes the way families approach mealtime for their children by prioritizing both convenience and nutrition. 
  • It’s not just a typical meal delivery service, but rather a game-changing solution.
  • It offers a blog featuring valuable advice on promoting healthy eating and effective parenting, as well as a podcast titled The Happy Eaters Club, which delves into topics related to food and nutrition for families.


Yumble net worth and profile have seen steady growth, establishing the company as a notable player in the meal delivery service industry. Their successful appearance on Shark Tank has garnered increased attention and investment opportunities. The company’s innovative approach to children’s meal solutions and commitment to healthy, convenient options have positioned it for sustained success.


How much is Yumble worth?

This is a service that delivers meals for kids and has grown a lot since it started. Bethenny Frankel’s offer indicated a net worth of $8.3 million, but valuations can change based on things like revenue, market trends, and investor interest. We don’t know Yumble’s exact value now, but it’s clear that the company has gotten attention and investment because of its new way of giving kids healthy meals.

What happened to Yumble Shark Tank?

Upon visiting the official Yumble Kids website, a notification appears announcing the company’s discontinuation of production in December 2022. Dibz Kidz has acquired them and has since rebranded as Yumble.

Is Yumble still in business?

In December 2022, the company halted its activities and was taken over by Dibz Kidz. An Instagram update in February 2023 revealed the next phase of Yumble, featuring a brand-new range of long-lasting ready-to-eat school lunches that are popular with kids.

Who invested in Yumble?

Barbara Corcoran initially offered $500,000 for a 15% stake in the company. Rohan Oza came in with an offer of $100,000 for a 12% stake and expressed interest in partnering with Lori Greiner. Ultimately, Barbara Frankel revised her offer to a 6% stake which Yumble accepted.

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